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Make Content Marketing Work For You Each Month

How I Work With Clients

Content has only one goal. Increase your revenue. Whether it is the number of daily transactions or the transaction amount. Each metric tracked must have an impact on revenue.

I work with all my clients to increase revenue through content marketing. 

Here’s what you can expect when working with me:

  • We will only track key metrics that contribute to your revenue (no vanity numbers)
  • Create each piece of content based on data and make changes accordingly
  • Receive all work completed by the deadline

My Rates

All fees are denominated in USD

Fractional Content Marketing

What I offer:

  • Content audit (Leaks & Opportunities)
  • Content strategy 
  • Monthly report 
  • Create a system for your team to consistently churn increase organic traffic through content

Best for:

Building and executing an effective content strategy

Minimum engagement period:

6 Months
Per Month
$ 000

Content Consultant

What I offer: 

  • Monthly content calendar 
  • Weekly content posted on all channels
  • Review and edit existing content
  • Distribute content by repurposing existing content and making content search-friendly

Best for:

Companies getting started with content

Minimum engagement period:

3 Months
Per Month
$ 000


Some questions clients frequently ask me

I have only one goal- To help Blockchain companies create and distribute content that generates revenue

If you are a Blockchain company looking for content marketing support, I help you to 

  • Create a scalable content strategy
  • Do deep research on relevant content 
  • Create engaging content for your audience
  • Measure results and make changes to improve engagement 

For now, I create blog posts, Twitter threads and newsletter content for my clients

I offer much more than the typical content writer on Fiverr (no disrespect intended)

Most freelance crypto content writers usually paraphrase existing content or only write generic content that is barely relevant to the client. They do not focus on getting results for the clients through their content

I focus on getting the results you desire from content marketing. The true value you get from me is my focus on content research and strategy, the “bread and butter” of creating truly engaging content for your audience

Besides, the average content marketer makes ~$95,000/year. I guarantee I provide at least half the value you get from a full-timer

I have worked with Crypto VCs, Crypto Prime Brokers, Crypto accounting firms, Crypto banks and Decentralized Social Media App to name a few.

In short, if you’ve built a tech product (primarily Blockchain-related) and you need content marketing help, we should connect.

We will discuss your business, any marketing problems holding you back and ideas that will help you get “unstuck”

I add the most value when working with clients on a consistent basis. While one article or one newsletter written by me may help you go viral, I will be (pleasantly) surprised if that happens. 

Besides, if one piece of content written by me made you go viral, wouldn’t you want 10 more? (:  

I find that clients get the most value when I work with them for at least 3 months on a retainer basis.

Please reach out if you have any special requests, always happy to connect with people in the industry.

While no one can guarantee results (if they do, you better reconsider…)

What I CAN guarantee, however, is a content strategy that you can scale effectively after 3 months of working with me. 

We will first align on the main selling points of your product, write content around these core points and track the ROI of the content marketing efforts

My main focus is to give more value than I receive. If at any point in time you would like to end our engagement, I will return the fees for the remaining work that has yet to be delivered.

However, there will be no refunds for work that has already been delivered to you.

Please provide me with feedback early and frequently. Fast and frequent feedback means quicker improvements and less miscommunication (:

Yes, absolutely! Check out my marketing portfolio here.

It is possible to get results within 1 to 2 weeks of working with me. One article or newsletter post may make you go viral.

But this is unlikely. You get the most value by working with me for at least 3 months. That is the minimum time I need to get you wins with SEO.

The packages are priced according to the outcomes you will receive and the amount of work required to achieve these outcomes.