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Jia Yung Lee

Why I Help Tech Companies With Content Marketing

We built every feature the users asked for. They worked (almost) perfectly. Everyone on the team was so excited for the insane traction coming soon

And then nothing

If this happened on your product launch, don’t despair! 

This is what it’s like for 50% of the tech companies (or more)

After working with many Blockchain and AI companies since 2018, I know that the best products do not always win

outcomes i bring 

What's in it for you

Bring your brand to life

Who says branding is only important for consumer good companies? Building a strong brand is the best differentiator a tech company can have. I create engaging content for tech companies to tell their authentic stories. More importantly, these stories give them a clear edge over their competitors

Make complex technology exciting for the user

Let’s face it. You built innovative technology. Shouldn’t users already be excited to use it? Not quite so. You see, most users are only interested in solutions that are simple to understand. No matter how groundbreaking your product is, you need content that speaks the language of users. Content that helps them understand why they should be excited to use your product. Excitement creates organic word of mouth and unstoppable traction for user acquisition

Sell more with content

Many tech companies generate a lot of hype and have a large user base. However, they do not survive within 5 years. Why is that so? Simple - They do not sell effectively. Buyers do not see a difference between the new and established companies. They only compare features and almost always select the biggest player Use content to position your company differently and seize market share from your biggest competitors

Why you should (or should not) work with me

Why work with me

When working with me is not suitable