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The "Why" Of Alphatechmarketing

Frustrated with seeing high potential tech products not realize their full potential because of poor or zero marketing 

Why choose Alphatechmarketing

Are you looking for a partner to promote your tech product in a clear, credible and authentic way? We know all the problems with marketing emerging tech and add value specific to your stage of product development 

My Story In Tech and Marketing

Lee Jia Yung

“My software will change the world because (insert reason for superiority)”

So why don’t we see adoption for your software or product already?

Let’s face it- An average product with fantastic marketing will always have greater adoption than a fantastic product with average marketing

Don’t get me wrong- A great product is absolutely essential to drive adoption, especially in the long run

However, from my experience working in the Blockchain, Crypto and AI industry, marketing will literally make or break any startup with a promising tech product 

Hence my desire to transform companies with an outstanding tech product to be THE ALPHA in marketing their product!

Are you a technoprenuer, a marketer in a tech company or just looking to improve your personal branding in the tech space? If yes, welcome! 

This blog is for you (:

Some SEO Results I Have Achieved For My Clients

Example #1- Back-link building for vrheaven, a VR blog 

SEO Results

To build up vrheaven’s search rankings, I built back-links to their website . I published guest posts on big publications such as Hackernoon and DDI. Back-links to your website from related domains with high domain authority will give your search results a boost!

Please find the links here

Hackernoon Article:

Data Driven Investor:

Example #2- Improved Portcast’s SEO results within 2 months by optimizing website content 

Portcast SEO results

Portcast is a B2B Software-as-a-service (SaaS) company that provides predictions for vessel arrival timings, an extremely competitive space.

To stand out from the competition, Portcast needed to improve improve search traffic volume for better lead generation  

Within a two month period of working with them, Portcast ranked for 100 more keywords.

This was done through keyword research, naturally adding keywords to their website and conducting a website audit to make the website search friendly

By researching for niche low competition keywords and catering for users’s search intent, you can achieve the same results or better!

Example #3- Consistently ranked for more keywords over 1 year by running backlink building campaigns

Jia Yung SEO Results

After improving Portcast’s SEO results by making the website content more search-friendly, a different strategy was needed to elevate Portcast’s search results. To do this, I included unique data points from Portcast’s database into all the content. 

For example, data on the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and Suez Canal blockage were included in various blog posts. After promoting the blog posts and different data points to various relevant publications and journalists, many websites started linking to Portcast’s website

This improved search traffic and more importantly, brought quality inbound leads that had high conversion rates 

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