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Crypto content writer

Hyper researched Crypto content for Blockchain companies to build credibility

I write well-researched and interesting content for Crypto VCs, Crypto Primer Brokers and Blockchain projects who rely on content marketing to grow

Join Other Crypto Companies That Published Well-Researched Content

Jia Yung has a wealth of crypto knowledge and is very skilled in research and data gathering. I would recommend working with Jia on your content creation needs!

Jia Yung was awesome - we worked on some content pieces for US distribution... His writing was articulate, his strategy advice spot on, and he was a total pro. Happy to go into greater detail for anyone who reaches out to me directly.
I hired Jia Yung to do some content writing and link building for my agency - he's got excellent writing skills that frequently land him on the front page of big publications. He also understands outreach and helped us get organic, whitehat links.

Why I write Crypto content

Fresh out of university, I was looking for a job

“I know of someone looking to sell her book on this thing called “ICOs”, why not get in touch with her? Maybe she could use some marketing help”

Since I had nothing to lose, I went to speak with the ICO advisor my friend introduced me to

That was when I was introduced to decentralized money, smart contracts and how it can potentially change the world

I went home (literally) shaking, excited about Blockchain technology and how I can be a part of this new wave of technology

As I started researching about Blockchain technology, I found very little information online

I started researching and writing opinion articles on Crypto to answer every question I had. Before long, I was writing for other Crypto companies and have been doing this since 2018

Lee Jia Yung

What I Do For Crypto Companies

Sell the technical aspects of your product without overwhelming readers. I help you achieve this in 6 months or less
Deep Research

I will deep dive into the technical content of your product. The best content is written from completely understanding your audience and product

Content Strategy

Distill the technical content into selling points users care about. We will plan content topics and distribution channels in a systematic way

Create Content

I will write content that your users want to read. All blog post content will be repurposed to newsletter and Twitter threads

Measure Metrics

Track the effectiveness of all content marketing efforts in generating revenue. Make adjustments until your revenue targets are met

How I Work With Crypto Companies

1) Reach out for a chat

Submit a contact form or send an email to

2) Share your content goals

What do you want to achieve from content marketing after 6 months? We will create an actionable plan and execute together to hit your team's goal

3) See a measurable improvement in your content marketing efforts

We will execute, measure results and make improvements constantly until you exceed your goals

Great Clients I Worked With

Please reach out for references and past work
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