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Crypto content writer

Content So Simple And Engaging That Saves You The Hassle Of Explaining Crypto To Your Family

I write and distribute engaging content for Web3 projects (>1M Annual Revenue) to scale growth

Join Other Crypto Companies That Published Well-Researched Content

Jia Yung has a wealth of crypto knowledge and is very skilled in research and data gathering. I would recommend working with Jia on your content creation needs!

Jia Yung was awesome - we worked on some content pieces for US distribution... His writing was articulate, his strategy advice spot on, and he was a total pro. Happy to go into greater detail for anyone who reaches out to me directly.
I hired Jia Yung to do some content writing and link building for my agency - he's got excellent writing skills that frequently land him on the front page of big publications. He also understands outreach and helped us get organic, whitehat links.

Crypto Content Marketing Is Broken (Not In A Good Way)

Everyone does content marketing in Web3. 

But few do it well. Here’s what you’ll find after scrolling through 100 websites of Web3 companies:

  • Almost every page focuses on the product’s features -> They list ZERO benefits  
  • Unclear who they’re targeting and why -> This confuses the reader
  • Some terms are too technical -> Potential users get lost and leave

Unfortunately, many of these companies do not see a problem with their content. Even worse, they think they are doing better than their competitors. 

Here’s what will happen if nothing changes (tell me if it’s already happening to you).

You spend a fortune on paid ads, social media campaigns and influencer marketing — basically anything to drive traffic and user sign-ups.

At the start, this seems to work. You’re getting new sign-ups and the website traffic continues increasing. 

Until one day, your marketing budget gets cut due to various reasons (e.g. poor market conditions, change in business priorities or poor performance). The website traffic and the number of new sign-ups take a nose dive. Almost as if users only signed up for the money you give them. But once you “turned the tap off”, new sign-ups slowed down to a trickle.

Why is that the case? 

Simple. You haven’t built trust with these users through content. You haven’t demonstrated your understanding of their pain and how your product can help them. You haven’t convinced them to use your product over the alternative. 

This leaves you with a high marketing spend and little to show for it. Imagine how awkward the next quarterly meeting will be with your CEO, investors and the rest of the team.

If you’d like to avoid this embarrassing situation and see success from content marketing…

Who I Work With On Content Marketing

I provide deep content research, craft content strategy, create and edit content. These are clients I typically work with
Crypto VCs

Publish well-researched reports and thought leadership articles that makes the best projects and clients want to work with you

Crypto Prime Brokers

Provide useful data and market insights to financial institutions, high networth individuals and market makers

Blockchain Projects

Have an extra pair of eyes review and edit your whitepaper, website and partnership deck. Simplify all technical content for all users to understand and use your product

Consulting Inquiry Process

Step 1: Discovery call

We get on a 15-minute call where I learn more about your most pressing content marketing needs.

Step 2: Align on the plan

If there is a fit, I will share a content marketing plan specific to your needs.

Step 3: Start creating and distributing content

After finalizing the plan to level up your content, you make a 50% downpayment and I get busy.

Great Clients I Worked With

Please reach out for references and past work
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Abcc Exchange
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